Welcome to Fanalyst Academy

About us

Fanalyst is a training institute that was founded in 2020, and organically designed to foster a global scale knowledge-sharing and professionalism.

Our organisation is driven towards hitting the bulls-eye in an all-round board of academics and skills acquisition via utilising the levelling internet platform as well as the traditional classroom (face-to-face) setting to reach persons, groups, corporations and governments for the sole aim of bolstering formal learning and skills acquisition.

With a firm belief that learning is the cornerstone of a progressive society, we are rooted to stemming and branching sound instructors and learners in whereby information is made available through well-versed courses that totally agree with the standard of both local and international curricula to present well-versed and ethical professionals in the society.

Using broad curricula that brings together qualified and experienced instructors as well as learning in a supportive and welcoming environment, we are solely focused on ensuring you get thoroughly equipped with the knowledge required to become dependable professionals.

Fanalyst is an equal opportunity organisation with no room for prejudice against gender, race, geography, economic status or whatever form of prejudice that could be.

Our Vision

We envision a world of ease and equal opportunities for individuals, professionals, and businesses.

Our Mission

Fanalyst Academy, as a training institute, is set to create an ideal eco-system of knowledge-sharing by bringing together professional instructors, individuals and businesses for the sole goal of providing well-versed and qualitative information as well as to prepare individuals to become dependable professionals in the society.

Using a well-versed curriculum, we offer courses that are both locally and internationally certified. Combining innovation and flexibility, we offer lectures on our online platform and in a traditional classroom (face-to-face) setting where we have conducive classrooms for learning. Our professional and experienced instructors use varied tools such as videos, audios, ebooks to deliver lessons at a comfortable pace and environment (online or classroom) for learners. We also personalised teaching sessions for students to ensure better understanding and inclusiveness.

Our Core Values

At Fanalyst, we have a culture ingrained in education which we believe is critical for self-development and positive societal transformation, hence our core values

Believing strongly that education is power; we are committed to empowering individuals by creating an ecosystem that allows for free flow of knowledge.

We have a philosophy that strongly disagrees with any form of discrimination or prejudice against persons, people, groups, institutions or organisations. We believe in an inclusive society where everyone is given an equal opportunity to be educated and become professionals.

We are an open-minded organisation that upholds creativity and the emergence of new ideas and ideals for the sake of advancements and better ways of life.

We uphold competence and adhere to ethical conduct in the delivery of services. Thus, we are driven towards making professionals.

Our Objective

  1. To create an eco-system of innovative knowledge-sharing where individuals and businesses can readily have access to quality contents in a supportive and welcoming learning atmosphere.
  2. To equip individuals and businesses with sound and valid information through sound and ethical teaching practices by professional instructors.
  3. To provide mentoring and help in resolving complaints and challenges individuals and businesses may face in their respective disciplines.
  4. To contribute our quota in society advancement by fostering sound education and self-development thereby creating opportunities for individuals to become dependable professionals and for their careers to thrive.

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