Fanalyst Academy Credits Programme Policy

Fanalyst Academy Credits Programme Policy

At the sole discretion of Fanalyst Academy, participation in the Fanalyst Academy credits programme is automatic. Fanalyst Academy may designate certain activities as eligible for earning credits (“Credits”). Note that an activity must be an “Eligible Activity” and you must complete all steps connected to the Eligible Activity before you earn the credits.

Below are terms and conditions applicable to the programme:

  • The Programme is null and void if prohibited by an applicable law.
  • Fanalyst Academy reserves the right to modify or terminate the programme at any time, with or without prior notice to you. However, Credits earned prior to termination shall remain valid until expiration.
  • You must comply by the stipulated conditions of an Eligible Activity
  • Any attempt to hack or tamper with the programme may result to you losing all your Credits and you may be banned from the programme or from Fanalyst Academy online platform.
  • At our sole discretion, Credits are automatically applied to courses and other products and services you order through our site.
  •  In the event of receiving a refund for a course or product or service that was purchased using Credits, the refund will be in Credits to your account and at the appropriate amount of Credits used initially.For clarity, note that the original expiration date for the refunded Credits will still apply.
  • Credits are not cash, thus have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash, or sold, assigned or transferred to anyone else. However, in a situation whereby you purchased a course, product or service for someone else using your account, your Credits will be applied to purchase made.
  • You are responsible for taxes owed on your Credits or your participation in the Credits program.

For further enquiry about the Programme, your account, or Fanalyst Academy, please contact us.

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