Pricing and Promotions Terms

This Promotions Terms (“Terms”) comprises information about measures instructors using our Services can use to promote their content, including instructor coupons, course referral links and our optional marketing programmes. Note that any capitalised terms not defined here are specifically defined in the Terms of Service and Instructor Agreement.

1. Coupons and Referrals

As an instructor, by promoting your course via referrals or coupon codes, you may be able to boost the sales of your course. As permitted on our platform, you may generate a coupon code for a discount or at our current price. Note that due to approximation and currency conversion, actual discount may be slightly higher. Fanalyst Academy will apply a proportional discount in a student’s applicable currency when the student applies your discount coupon to a foreign currency transaction.

2. Fanalyst Academy’s Promotional Programmes

2.1 How the Promotional Programmes Work

Several of our marketing programmes (“Promotional Programmes”) are available to premium instructors. At our discretion, periodical modifications may be made to specific programmes and your content may be priced higher as it relates to the Promotional Programmes.

Fanalyst Academy has sole discretion to determine which content to offer, which content to remove and which sale price to set all as part of the Promotional Programmes. Note that with or without your notice, Fanalyst Academy, in its sole discretion, may remove any of your content from the Promotional Programmes at any point in time.

Due to approximation and currency conversion, actual discount may be slightly higher. Clearly note that Fanalyst Academy does not guarantee any minimum level of success concerning the Promotional Programmes.

2.2 Fanalyst Academy Deals Programme

As a targeted promotion measure, the Fanalyst Academy Deals Programme will help boost your revenue potential by enabling Fanalyst Academy offer your content at a compelling discount amount. However, we have the right to modify base price level options periodically.

If the sale price for your content is lower than permitted by this policy as a result of sale to a Fanalyst Academy’s reseller or distributor, your revenue share will be calculated based on a Gross Amount.

Fanalyst Academy Deals Programme may be promoted via the services and communications to users or third-party platforms as well as deals duration may vary.

Your participation in the deals programmes means that your agree that 50% will be your revenue share of the Net Amount of the sale less any applicable deductions.

2.3 Marketing Boost Programme

Fanalyst Academy will use a Marketing Boost Programme that includes partnerships with affiliate sites, third-party deal sites and advertising platforms to promote your content to new students at no upfront fees charge to you.

By agreeing to be part of the Marketing Boost Programme, you are are authorising Fanalyst Academy to employ affiliates and third parties and paid advertising to promote your content. Deductions will be made to cover for the promotion of your content from the Gross Amount before calculating the Net Amount of the sale.

Participating in the Marketing Boost Programme, means you agree that your share of revenue will be 25% of the Net Amount of the sale less any applicable deductions. .

2.4 Fanalyst Academy Affiliate Programme

As a premium instructor, you may also participate in our subscription programme (“Fanalyst Academy Affiliate Programme or FAAP”) which is subject to the additional terms in this section. The FAAP programme comprises subscription-based content collections offered to individuals, businesses, NGOs and government agencies (“Subscription Clients”). It features selected group of our top content for developing one’s professional and personal skills-set.

Opting into the FAAP programme means you agree to have your content included in our subscription-based content collections. However, it is at our discretion to choose your content for inclusion in any collection, add-on variation, or subset of that collection. We may change the selection of contents periodically.

Because the collections are subscription-based, we may select sale prices and offer free trials at our discretion. While your content is included in a collection, you may not unpublish that content or make it private. 

Since collections are subscription-based we may choose sale prices as well as offer free trials. Note that you may not un-publish your content or make it private if it is included in a collection.

You are subject to the additional terms in Section 2.5 (Assessments) below if you have agreed to provide any Assessment Questions.

All instructors that have previously opted into the “Fanalyst Academy Subscription Programme” are subject to the terms of this section.

2.4.1 Revenue-sharing

Participating in the FAAP programme indicates you agree that for each collection, your share of revenue will be calculated as follows:

  1. In each month, Fanalyst Academy will calculate the total amount of fees generated from current Subscription Clients of such collection, subtracting any applicable Transaction Taxes, foreign exchange fees and third-party fees.
  2. Instructors participating in such collection will have a twenty-five percent(25%) allocation of this amount. Further description is detailed below.
  3. In each month, the total minutes of content in such collection used up by current Subscription Client through their subscription to such collection and usage. Note that this is not applicable to usage of content through free trial.
  4. In each month, Fanalyst Academy will calculate how many of the total minutes (“Total Minutes“).
  5. was used to consume each of your items of content included in such collection for the month (“Your Content Minutes“).
  6. Calculating your share of revenuefor each month involves dividing the Instructor Revenue Pool by the Total Minutes Consumed, thenmultiplying that per-minute amount by Your Content Minutes.

In the event where Fanalyst Academy makes available additional types of content through the collections, subsection (3) below may be updated to specify additional content types that will be included when calculating to determine your Content Minutes out of the Total Minutes Consumed.

2.4.2 Exclusivity Policy

Except as otherwise provided for Assessment Questions below, you agree an exclusivity provision will remain in place in case you choose to terminate your participation in the FAAP programme. This means you will not begin to offer your content on-demand, thereby competing or causing injury to the sales of that content on any site or platform other than yours. You only bear no liability for this provision if we remove your content from all collections. Clearly note that this doesn’t include literary works or in-person instructional trainings.

2.4.3 Termination of FAAP Participation

At any time, you can decide to terminate your participation in FAAP. Your content will be removed from the collections within 12 months of termination and you will continue to receive payment from your share of revenue based on the then current rates. Payment will stopped once your content is removed from the relevant collection.

Subscription Client will not be able to enrol to your content if, for any reason, it is removed from a collection. Individuals who previously enroled in your content will continue to access that content as they remain subscribed to the relevant collection.

2.5 Assessments

Fanalyst Academy’s assessments (“Assessments”) is a standalone content separate from courses and meant solely for measuring proficiency and learning across certain topics, skills, domains, or occupations. Assessments comprise questions and answer pairs with explanations (each, an “Assessment Question”).

You agree to the terms by providing an Assessment Question as mutually agreed between us in writing (including the use of email)

We may elect whether to select your Assessment Question for inclusion on or in the Fanalyst Academy Affiliate programme, and may change that selection from time to time and at our sole discretion. If your Assessment Question is included in the Fanalyst Academy Affiliate Programme, then you will be subject to the terms relevant to that programme above. 

Generally at our sole discretion, you may elect for your Assessment Question to be included on or FAAP with the option of changing your selection periodically. You will be subject to the terms relevant to the platform or programme chosen.

You agree that your Assessment Questions will be in compliance with all criteria as you and Fanalyst Academy may have agreed in writing (including the use of email) such as topic, domain, template, level, difficulty, and quantity.

Upon providing your Assessment Question, you give Fanalyst Academy an exclusive license to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, display, publish, and prepare derivative works of your Assessment Question. You agree that you will not deliberately make available your Assessment Question to any third-party or license or permit any third-party to do so.

At any time, you can decide to terminate your license of an Assessment Question by emailing us. Your Assessment Question will be removed from the collections within 12 months of termination and you will continue to receive payment from your share of revenue based on the then current rates. Payment will stop once your content is removed from the relevant collection.

2.6 Pulling Out of Promotional Programmes

Except as otherwise stated above, you can, at any time opt out of the Promotional Programmes. Note that applicable sales, campaigns, or promotions are completed, you agree that your content will remain subject to any applicable sales, campaigns or promotions that are active at the time you opt out.

3. Modification of Terms

Fanalyst Academy reserves the right to modify and/or make changes to these terms at its sole discretion. Updates may be made to these Terms to further clarify our practices or to adopt new practices. We will clearly notify you of updates or changes and updates or changes will take effect on the day they are posted except if stated differently.

After updates or changes have been made, your continued use of our platform shall indicate that you agree with those updates or changes.

4. Translation policy

Any version of this Agreement in a language other than English is provided for convenience and you understand and agree that the English language will control if there is any conflict.

If a translated version of this Agreement is provided, it is purely for convenience and the English version provided is controlling if a conflict arises.

5. How to Contact Us

Fanalyst Academy would love to hear your enquiries and feedback about our Services. Kindly reach us by contacting our Support Team.

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