Privacy Agreement

Privacy Agreement

Fanalyst Academy respects the privacy of its users, either as an instructor or student. This agreement encompasses our collection of data practices and describes your rights over how we use your personal data.

Unless stated otherwise, this Privacy Agreement is applicable to the use of our websites, mobile applications, APIs or related services. It also applies to prospective clients of our business and enterprise products.

You agree that by using the Services hereunder, you acknowledge and agree to the Terms in this Privacy Agreement.

1. Data We Collect

Fanalyst Academy collects your data directly when you enter information about yourself through our platform or through third-party platforms. Data are also collected automatically such as data on your device type and the activities you engaged in on the platform.

1.1 Data You Provide to Us

Depending on how you use the Services, we may collect data from you either directly from the website or via a third-party platform. Data you provide to us through the manner by which you use the platform include:

  1. Account Data; we collect this data during account creation. Includes; your email address, password, phone number, occupation, skills, interests, gender, race, ethnicity, government ID information, verification photo, age, date of birth. A unique identifying number (“Account Data”) may be assigned to you.
  2. Profile Data; you can also provide profile information like a photo, headline, biography, language, website link, social media profiles, country, or other data. Others will be able to view your Profile Data.
  3. Shared Content; Data generated from your interaction with other users on the platform is collected and stored.
  4. Educational Content Data; courses, assignments, and quizzes you’ve started and completed; content purchases and credits; subscriptions; completion certificates; your exchanges with instructors, teaching assistants, and other students; and essays, answers to questions, and other items submitted to satisfy course and related content requirements. We get your data via the aforementioned sources.
  5. Student Payment Data; when you make purchases we collect certain information about you such as your name, ZIP code, credit/debit card information, billing address. Note that for security reasons, Fanalyst Academy does not receive and hold on to sensitive cardholder data, such as full credit card numbers or card authentication data.
  6. Instructor Payment Data; as an instructor, we get to access tour data via your payment facilitating platform such as account email address, account ID, physical address, or other data necessary for us to send payments to your account. In compliance with applicable laws, we also work with trusted third parties who collect tax information as legally required. This tax information may include residency information, tax identification numbers, biographical information, and other personal information necessary for taxation purposes. Note that for security reasons, Fanalyst Academy does not collect or store sensitive information about your bank account. The disclosure, collection and use of your payment, billing, and taxation data is subject to the Privacy Agreement and other terms of your payment account provider.
  7. Data About Your Accounts on Other Services; depending on the platform or services, we may collect your information such as your , profile picture, account ID number, login email address, location, physical location of your access devices, gender, birthday, and list of friends or contacts. Information is made available to us in such platforms via their APIs as long as they are connected to your Fanalyst Academy account. However, the extent of information depends on your privacy settings on such a platform or services. For example if you login to Fanalyst Academy via Facebook or another third-party platform or service, we ask to be granted permission to access certain information about that other account.
  8. Sweepstakes, Promotions, and Surveys; we may obtain your information through your participation in a promotion (like a contest, or sweepstakes) on either our platform or a third-party platform. As part of participating data such as your name, email address, postal address, date of birth, or phone number will be collected and stored. Note that data collected will be used to administer a promotion or survey and will be subject to this privacy agreement unless otherwise stated in the terms and condition of the promotion or in another privacy agreement.
  9. Communications and Support; in accordance to this Privacy Agreement, we collect and store your information when you contact us for support or to report a problem. Using an automated means, and regardless of whether you created an account or not, we collect your data such as name, email address, messages, location, Fanalyst Academy user ID, refund transaction IDs, and any other data. This data is used to respond to you and escalate your complaints or questions.

Note that the data mentioned above are associated with your Fanalyst Academy account and are stored by us.

1.2 Data We Collect by Automation

Fanalyst Academy uses automated means to collect certain type of data when you access our Services. They include:

  1. System Data; comprises technical data such as your IP address, device type, operating system type and version, unique device identifiers, browser, browser language, domain and other systems data, and platform types.
  2. Usage Data; statistical data on your activities on the platform, include content accessed, time spent on pages, pages visited, features used, your search queries, clicked data, date and time, referrer, and other data regarding your use of the Services.
  3. Approximate Geographic Data; derived based on IP address. Approximate geographic data include information like country, city, and geographic coordinates.

Note that server log files and tracking tools are used to collect the data listed above.

1.3 Data Collection from Third Parties

This is particularly applicable to prospects for “Fanalyst Academy Affiliate Programme (FAAP)”. From third-party commercial sources, we may collect certain data.

2. How We Access Your Data

We access your data via the use of tools such as cookies, web beacons and other tracking tools.

2.1 Using Cookies and Other Tracking Tools

Fanalyst Academy and its analytics vendors use server log files and automated data collection tools, such as browser cookies, pixel tags, scripts, and web beacons. These tools are for analytics purpose which enables Fanalyst Academy to keep track of Users activies in the FAAP. Information gathered may be linked to Users unique account ID. Cookies are small text files placed onto a computer or device while browsing the Internet.

Note that Fanalyst Academy shares User’s information with third-party companies that perform data analysis services relating to the activities of Users as they use the FAAP service. For example companies like Google Analytics accesses Users websites usage in real time, collecting, analysing and storing the data.

Cookies are used to collect, store, and share bits of information about User activities on a website.

2.2 Why We Use Tools for Data Collection

We use Data Collection Tools or technologies so as to:

  1. Enable you gain access to the site and its basic functionality like logging in, accessing content, prevention of security breach or unauthorised access to your account. Disabling this collection tool may place you at the risks related to the aforementioned functions and parts of the site may become unavailable to you.
  2. Remembers data and/or certain settings based on your browsing history so as to personalise or Customise certain functionalities relevant to you for better browsing experience.
  3. Track performance of the features on the Services based on the preferences of Users so as to better Users’ experiences or preferences on Fanalyst Academy platform.
  4. Enable delivering of advertisements on the site based on things that interest you as seen in your recent activities or activities over time. Note that advertisement service providers also keep track of your activities so as to deliver tailored ads to you; this may involve Fanalyst Academy granting, in a non-human-readable form, hashed and anonymised version of your email address and content you publicly share on the platform.
  5. Enable your social media functionality such as sharing Content with friends and across networks. These cookies allow for targeted advertising as it builds a profile of Users interests.

Users can enable their web browsers to notify them of the placement of new cookies, limit or reject cookies. Note that a user may not be able to access some or all of the features of our services if they limit cookies or reject all cookies.

3. Things We Use Your Data For

Fanalyst Academy collects your data and uses them to:

  1. Facilitate the provision and administering of the Services on our platform;
  2. Process payments to our instructors and other third parties involved;
  3. Process your requests and orders for specific services, features, products and content;
  4. Communicate about your account to you by:
  5. Responding to your enquiries and worries;
  6. Sending you administrative information and updates relating to the Services, our Terms of Agreement, your activities and other features on the platform;
  7. Sending push notifications to your device to provide updates and relevant messages with which you can manage your account “settings” page.
  8. Manage your account and your preferences;
  9. Improve our Services and introduce new features and products;
  10. Facilitate the technical functioning of the Services;
  11. Facilitate Promotional Programmes and Subscription Plans;
  12. Acquire more information about you through linkages with third-party platforms and/or analysing your data via analytics service providers;
  13. Access feedbacks from Users;
  14. Analyse trends and web traffic on the platform;
  15. Personalised advertisements across devices.

Note that in our sole discretion we necessitate data collection, to the extent permitted by law, so as to ensure the safety and integrity of Users, third parties, employees and our platform.

4. Who We Give Access to Your Data

Under the following conditions or as otherwise expounded in this Privacy Agreement, Fanalyst Academy may share your data:

  1. With instructors, students, affiliates, analytics and data enrichment platforms, social media platforms and other service providers.  Sharing your data with third parties is strictly for improving your user experience through customised functionality as well as to boost our Services and protect your data from malicious entities. Note that access to your data by third parties is in accordance with our direction and governed by the Terms in this Agreement and if applicable the Privacy Agreement of a Third-Party website.
  2. In order to administer promotions and surveys, we may necessarily share your data in administering, marketing or sponsoring promotions and surveys as required by applicable law or the rules of the promotion and survey.
  3. For advertisement, we may use and share certain System Data and Usage Data with third-party advertising platforms to show demographic and preference information among users as well as to deliver personalised ads and web analytics based on history of users activities or preference information collected. Note that you can reject getting personalised advertisements, however, you’ll continue to receive generic advertisements.
  4. With third parties (in our sole discretion) for reasons of security and legal compliance, if a situation warrants, and in accordance with applicable laws.
  5. During a change in control or ownership such as a merger, acquisition, dissolution (including bankruptcy) or sale of all or some assets. In this case, Fanalyst Academy may share and transfer your data to a successor organisation.
  6. After aggregation or de-indentification of your data for any purpose.
  7. With your permission, we may share you data with third parties outside the Terms of this Privacy Agreement.

5. Security Measures

Fanalyst Academy takes the right security measures to protect against unauthorised access. However, you should note that no electronic system is completely secured, thus, Fanalyst Academy does not warrant that Services or any data made available to us or collected by us through the Services will be entirely free from unauthorised access. Your password is vital for safeguarding your account and in no account should you disclose it to a third party. Waste no time in changing your password if you have a reason to believe that it has been compromised.

6. Your Reserved Rights

You reserve the rights to pull out of any activity or Services on the platform that allows us to collect your data through our data collection tools or from certain third parties, for example the right to opt out or reject cookies.

6.1 Your Options on the Use Your Data

Your choice on not providing certain data to us may make some parts of the Services unavailable to you.

  1. From your account settings you can opt out of receiving promotional messages via changing your email preferences. Notwithstanding, we will send transactional and relationship messages regarding the Services such as administrative confirmations, updates on our services or policies and order confirmation.
  2. You may pull out or control certain Data Collection Tools, for example via clicking the “Cookie settings“ link at the bottom of any page and rejecting certain or all cookies. This may break up certain features in your use of the website. To understand how to manage cookies, visit
  3. For other devices and operating systems, you should review your privacy settings on that platform. Note that operating systems have unique instructions on how to manage in-app targeted advertisements.

If you have any questions regarding your data, our use of your data, or your rights to your data, contact our Support Team.

6.2 Data Updating and Deletion

You can access and update and delete your personal data that Fanalyst Academy collects and maintains.

You can update and delete your personal data by logging into your account and selecting options that delete data you want deleted. This is also applicable to account termination whereby you visit your profile settings page and choose options that eventually get your account deleted.

If you encounter difficulties terminating your account, please contact our Support Team.

Note that after you terminate your account, your data that have been copied, shared or disseminated by you or third parties may remain viewable.

In pursuant to this Privacy Agreement and in accordance to applicable law, we may retain or disclose your data to assist with legal obligations, disputes resolution, record-keeping, transactions completion and to enforce our agreements.

You can submit a request for account deletion, data correction or access by emailing or writing to us. You may be required to use the email associated with your account, and we may carryout identity verification before executing your request. Note that response may take up to 30 days.

7. Modifications to Privacy Agreement

We may update this Privacy Agreement periodically. If we make any substantial change to it, you will be notified via email, through a notification posted on the Services, or as permitted by applicable law. Summary of key changes will also be included. Unless stated otherwise, modifications will take effect from the day they are posted.

After updates or changes have been made, your continued use of our platform shall indicate that you agree with those updates or changes.

8. Translation Policy

Any version of this Agreement in a language other than English is provided for convenience and you understand and agree that the English language will control if there is any conflict.

If a translated version of this Agreement is provided, it is purely for convenience and the English version provided is controlling if a conflict arises.

9. Feedback

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, concerns or you dispute the Terms in this Privacy Agreement. You can reach us by contacting our Support Team.

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